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Grand events provides planning and coordination services for intimate to large affairs, applying unique insights to produce unforgettably distinctive events. 


From initial concept to budgeting, production, and execution, grand events works with its clients to realize the particular occasion they have envisioned or can provide full creative direction as a full-service event planner, specializing in designing the perfect experience for our clients and their guests. 

Meet the team

There's always an effort to give the guests a constant sense of ‘what’s next’ during each event.”

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Q & A from Gambit's Party Guide

"Our specialty is the opposite of cookie-cutter," Lacour says. "We take an event and make it as unique as possible."​ 

Fifteen years ago, Kenny LaCour, owner of Dakota Restaurant in Mandeville and Dakota-Catered, brought his decades of experience in the restaurant and catering industries to a second, com-plementary business — a turnkey party-planning operation called Grand Events.


LaCour plans the full spectrum of events and regularly takes care of everything from soup to nuts. He advises you consider four things:



Considering the purpose of a party is more than just thinking about the type of occasion it celebrates, such as graduation, birthday or anniversary, LaCour says. It also means thinking about how you want the event to be different. For those who entertain regularly, the question is especially important.


When party planners ask clients to name their budget, LaCour says, often clients don't have a definitive answer. When determining how much to spend, he suggests considering several things: food, beverages and location need to be discussed before a planner or venue can quote a price; and don't worry that setting a number will make planners and vendors inflate their prices in order to spend the entire budget.

"Everyone is so afraid of leaving savings on the table," he says, "but with a reputable planner and equally reputable vendors, you don't have to worry about that."


There are many ways to make a party stand out — from canvassing the area for an untapped venue — "Don't be afraid to ask if a unique discovery is available to rent," LaCour says. — to transforming an often-used venue into something unexpected. Throwing a unique party may cost more, he says.

"Predictability comes with a much more stable price," LaCour says, but adds there are exceptions. He cites the experience of a recent out-of-town client who chose a New Orleans diner for a pre-wedding event that was both memorable and surprisingly affordable.

Enjoy the party — "It's important to be a great host, but you also have to plan a party so that you can be a guest at your party," LaCour says. "The key is to do the work up front. That means planning the important details beforehand, and then planning to delegate the rest."

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